Now that you have had a chance to explore our website and learned how we can help, feel free to reach out. We realize that craftsman projects, rebuilding, and building homes involves making a commitment and we would like to help you make the best decision possible. To make an informed decision, you need information and we’re pleased to help you find it. 

Ask questions, speak with our past clients, or come over to one of our job sites and we’re confident that you’ll be wowed. We offer free estimates as well as accurate computerized insurance bids using real-world building estimates for the Houston area. Contact us to learn about your craftsman project and see what a difference 40 years of rebuilding experience makes!

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What People Say

“The supervisor and crew on the job were terrific. They were efficient, respectful, and were able to do it properly. I expected loud music and junk everywhere and was wonderfully surprised at the caliber of workers you sent out.”

Gus Kaparus

“I am thrilled with the job and will use you again anytime.”

Peter Austin

“My family told us to prepare for disaster when hiring a fencing company. They said it would be a mess. They must not have used Frank Edwards Construction Company! Our project was on time, within our budget and time frame, and simply spectacular!”

Ulva Swensen

Let’s build something together.