Who, how much and what does he borrow money for in Poland?

Kto, ile i na co pożycza pieniądze w Polsce?

When we need additional money, we borrow it not only from banks, but also from non-banking loan companies, as well as from each other. Most money is loaned by young people who live in big cities. What is the sum of the average loan in Poland and for what purpose is it earmarked?

Currently, the availability of loans and credits is very easy. We can apply for money even without leaving home or the company, because we can do it completely on the internet. This means that we are happy to borrow money and spend it on targets – not just consumption.

Where to borrow and repay the loan Poles?

According to information provided by the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), Poles in 2016 took out loans and consumer loans in the amount of PLN 78.5 billion. Therefore, this means that statistically every second inhabitant of Poland has a loan or loan. Many of us also have several different loan and credit products – as many as 768 thousand customers have a loan for a flat, a consumer loan, a credit card and an additional debit limit on their bank account.

According to the report “European Consumer Payments Report 2016, more than half of us, ie 52%, see nothing wrong with taking loans and consumer loans . The survey also indicated that 39% of the respondents take loans at banks. More, because as much as 47% borrow money from the family.

Another report prepared by the Gandalf institution indicates that at the same time many of us have problems with paying off their liabilities. The research of this business information office showed that as many as 2 million 322 thousand Poles did not pay their commitments in 2016 on time.

Who is the average Polish borrower and borrower?

Both Poles and Poles decide to borrow similar sums. They differ, however, their motivation and the types of borrowings and loans to cover expenses. Below we present detailed information about women and men who borrow money in Poland.

According to BIK data, almost half of women in Poland are in the 35-44 age group. Poland chooses loans and credits mainly to meet the needs of the family – they spend money on repairs, gifts, holiday trips, purchase of home appliances, as well as covering current expenses. They most often decide on cash loans, credit cards, renewable loans. Poland is also reliable clients of banks and loan companies as opposed to Poles.

When it comes to Poles in turn, they have mainly mortgage loans for building a house or buying a flat. Also, men are happy to lend money to buy a car or RTV equipment. In addition, men are more likely to use quick loans to cover current expenses. Consolidation loans that allow the collection of debts into one installment are also popular in this group. In most cases, men who borrow money are around 30 years old.