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Whether in business or in personal life it is difficult to do without credits. Without access to credit, you can not buy a home, get credit cards or expand your business when it comes to the right moment. Properly used credit can strengthen the financial strength of a small enterprise and increase profits. However, if you push through, you can harm your business and your future credit opportunities.
Many small business owners prefer to use personal savings or seek financial help from friends and family than to decide on debt financing. However, it is unlikely that you will be able to collect as much money as you need to finance ambitious development plans. Another option is equity financing – the sale of a part of shares in the company in exchange for capital investment. This, however, means not only a smaller share of profits but also the need to give the new shareholder at least some degree of control over business decisions.
Every option of financing small businesses has its pros and cons, but many small business owners are still turning to debt financing as the fastest and easiest way to finance development. While bank loans with a specified repayment date are often characterized by the lowest interest rate, it is very difficult to obtain them, especially for companies and individuals with poor credit history. But not only bad credit history can be the reason for the rejection of the loan application. The lack of adequate loan security or too short an internship on the market that makes it impossible to build a strong credit rating also works to the disadvantage of the company’s owners. Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to bank loans. Below are some of the most popular.
1.       Factoring.
It is a simple option for companies with a long internship. If you have an old report or a receivables book, there will be lenders who buy some or all of these receivables at a reduced price. The institution granting the loan will check the company that owes you money, analyzing its credit history and carrying out verification telephones. If everything indicates that he will pay, you will be qualified for factoring and you will receive the money you need. If another company is reluctant to pay for the invoice, you can send it to us and we will do the rest **
2.       Buyer’s advance.
Buyer’s advance is a loan calculated based on the sales volume. On the basis of this site, as well as the type of business and all risk factors you conduct, interest is determined for you.
Repayment of the loan does not take place on certain dates, but depends on the sales results – it means that you pay less during periods of weaker downturns and more when you “get wind in your sails” again. As interest is higher than other forms of debt financing, a down payment from a buyer can not be considered a good long-term solution. However, it is easy to get, and at the same time it does not require security and therefore it can be a remarkable option for companies with limited funding opportunities. Incidentally, many companies use it as a bridging loan to build creditworthiness and then turn to options with a longer repayment period and a lower interest rate.
3.       Procurement Factoring.
Ordering factoring is a less frequently chosen option for financing small businesses, but it is suitable if you have to deliver a large order to an important client’s company. Depending on the size of your business, the costs of production, work, and transport associated with the implementation of a large order may be enough for the company to go down. Ordering factoring enables you to take out a loan in advance so that you can finance your order and maintain business relationships with a valuable customer. The main criterion is the creditworthiness of the company making the purchase.
4.       Loans for Equipment Financing.
This form of financing is beneficial for both new companies and enterprises with longer experience. The money obtained under this loan can be spent on purchasing the necessary but expensive equipment for your company. It can be anything – from a plane to an industrial printer or medical or construction equipment. These loans are usually based on the “auction value” of the equipment you buy. In most cases, you will have to make a large down payment or provide some kind of security – sometimes both are required.

If you have a poor credit history, the above loan online with poor credit at can help you get the funds you need.

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