One of the loan terms in most institutions is a positive credit history. It is checked by all banks, as well as most non-bank companies. 

The search for a good loan is not difficult at the moment. Currently, we can search for them without problems on the network. However, before we apply for a loan for the company , we should remember to check the conditions – in this way we will initially know if we will be able to receive the money or not. Among the main conditions, apart from the appropriate creditworthiness, there is also a positive credit rating. For this purpose, the institutions use just the debtors databases, and more precisely the information base on borrowers and borrowers.


What data can be found in Credit History?

What data can be found in BIK and KRD?

Credit Information Bureau is a company that has been collecting and sharing information related to customers taking out loans and credits for years. Nick-Credit was founded by the NCBC Association and private banks that use it regularly. At present, the databases are also checked by credit unions and non-bank loan companies. At Nick-Credit, both positive and negative data are available, which are expressed in the form of points making up the scoring, ie the overall assessment of the client’s creditworthiness. A high scoring will help you get a loan or a loan, a low one can block it.

Loan Economic Information Bureau is the first Polish business information office. Similarly to Nick-Credit, it deals with receiving, storing and sharing data on debt and timely repayment of liabilities. It is worth pointing out that information to the NDS can be provided not only by entities such as banks, non-bank companies, telephony operators, but also by consumers with executive title.


Where can I get loans for companies without Credit History?

Where can I get loans for companies without BIK and KRD?

Currently, obtaining a loan for companies without Credit History is not easy, as most institutions using databases simply refuse to unreliable customers. This does not mean, however, that we will not get loans. They are offered by non-bank companies, both those operating at the stationary and online. We must remember, however, that using loans without checking in databases is very expensive – it is not only the interest rate itself, but also fees such as commission, preparation fees, and processing of the application. This is a form of reducing the risk associated with the customer’s failure to repay the debt.

In our company Bank we check clients in databases – we support safe money lending because we realize that it is risky not only for us, but also for our clients. Detailed information on the conditions of the loan installments for Business can be found on our website. If you have additional questions, we remain at your disposal. 

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