In order to obtain a loan, we must meet certain requirements of the lender. One of the most common is the lack of negative entries in the debtors’ databases. This does not mean, however, that we do not have loans at our disposal without checking the databases. What is worth knowing about them?

Banks are more restrictive about checking customer before granting a loan. Non-bank loan companies are more liberal in this respect. It is in them that we can find offers without checking in databases. However, before we decide on it, we should get to know their details well. Otherwise, we can overpay a lot.

Bases such as business or credit information bureaus collect, store and share data about individuals and companies and their financial integrity. These databases are used by all banks, as well as the majority of non-banking companies in order to check the customer before preparing a loan decision.


The databases most often used when checking clients:

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  • ERIF Economic Information Office
  • KKR Bank BIG (KKRB)
  • BIG SS Audit
  • BIK – Credit Information Office

There are also other databases gathering information on people using loans and other products, but the above are checked by loan companies and banks most often. It is worth pointing out that these databases are independent of each other – they do not exchange data between themselves.


What is the loan without checking in the databases?

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It is not difficult to guess that loans of this kind are granted without monitoring information in the debtors’ databases. This means that the loan can also be counted by the person or company that has or has arrears, for example, banks, loan companies, and mobile operators. Such backlogs are a testimony that the person is not fully reliable and conscientious in paying off their obligations. This means that granting her another loan is very risky.

In order to minimize their risk, companies offering loans for companies without bases apply significantly higher fees imposed on the customer. It is not only the interest rate, but also the commission, preparation fees, fees for processing the application and other fees that cause that we will pay a lot for the loan without checking in the databases.

Therefore, a person who has no debts and has not had them in the past, should not use such loans – much cheaper will be found in other loan companies that check their clients in databases.


Do we check the bases at BANNY Bank?

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At BANNY For Business, we offer our clients fast non-bank loans granted via the Internet. Our installment loans allow you to incur a sum of 1,000 to 10,000 PLN for up to 24 months.

We do not require registration, banking and accounting documents, collateral or guarantees from our clients, but one of our main conditions is the lack of a negative credit history in BIG databases – ERIF, KRD and SS Audit. Additional information about our loan can be found on the website.

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