After some time of use, it is common that the property needs to undergo renovations. Sometimes the need to tinker with construction is due to the demand for enlargement, or it may also be to finish a work that has been incomplete. Whatever the reason for your retirement, there are several loan options in the market to fund it. For some options, follow the reading of this article.

How much do you need?

How much do you need?

Before availing the loan, it is worth making an assessment of the amount you will need. So you do not waste money on unnecessary interest, or you do not run the risk of asking for less than you need and you end up failing to complete the reform.

Everything depends on what you want to reform: is it one environment or the whole house? The value of the work, in the end, can vary greatly.

For lower values, a personal loan can solve the problem. Personal loans are usually of lower values, around up to R $ 3,000, and with installments of up to 5 years.

For larger reforms, the value can be equal to the price of a property, demanding greater financial investment, which will require other types of financing, with higher values ​​and a longer installment period.

Of course, it’s best to avoid getting into debt. Therefore, use the loan only if there is no other option. Also, ensure that the value of the installments fits into your budget. It is recommended that the amount of the debt be no more than 30% of the monthly income.

Find out now some loan options to reform.

Letter of credit SBPE – Cash

Letter of credit SBPE - Cash

Apobank Econômica Federal offers, as a financing option to those who need to renovate or build, the SBPE (Brazilian Savings and Loan System) letter of credit.

For this type of loan, there is no need for proof of income, and installments can be debited from your checking account or payroll. There are no impediments also in case the proponent owns other real estate or financing in his name.

The financing can be paid in up to 35 years, and the amount borrowed can be up to 70% the value of the residential property or 50% of the commercial property. Apobank’s website allows the client to make a simulation online, so that you can compare with other offers and know the amount you will pay.

Banksco Loan

Banksco’s option for reforms is the CDC loan. In it, it is possible to finance up to 70% of the value of the reform, and the installment can be made up to 48 times. The minimum installment is R $ 20.00 and the first installment can be paid in up to 62 days.

Banksco allows the IOF (financial transaction tax) to be included in the financing. With this product, it is also possible to finance the installation of a water reuse system.

With this product, it is also possible to finance the installation of a water reuse system .

Maer Loan

Maer Loan

Maer offers the Construshop for those who want to reform . To contract this product , you must be an accountant of Maer and pass through credit approval. After hired , the customer receives a card that can be used in almost 150,000 stores nationwide , within 180 days of hiring.

The term for payment of Construshop is up to 54 months. The interest rates vary from 3 to 6.01% per month, and are computed only on the amount used.

The Construshop can be hired through d Maer website at ATM or bank branch.

Credit for retirement in Banksil

Credit for retirement in Banksil

Another option for those who want to retire is offered by Banksil. The Brazilian bank accountant can go to the store and use his Ourocard card to activate his loan.

In accredited establishments , the amount to be used can be up to R $ 50 thousand, and the first installment can be paid in up to 54 installments.

In other establishments, the amount released may be up to R $ 10,000, depending on the credit approval. In this case, the installment can be done up to 48 times.

Stores credit lines

Stores credit lines

Some building materials stores offer their own line of credit, tied to financial institutions. Some examples are Leroy Merlin, Telhanorte and C & C.

Leroy Merlin offers the Celebre card, with option of installment in up to 10 times without interest or in up to 24 fixed installments.

TelhaNorte offers card with installments in 10 times without interest or in up to 24 fixed installments, with 45 days to pay the first installment.

C & C offers CredCompras, with option of installment up to 12 times without interest.

Loan to renovate

Loan to renovate

To choose the best loan option to retire, check out the best interest rates and the best priced shops.

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