Having the resources needed to keep inventory in the right amount is very important to ensure the continuity of your business. Often you will need additional capital during the months when the business is quiet or actually increasing inventory significantly when sales are crowded. Inventory loans, or inventory financing, are designed to provide small business owners with funds to buy the additional supplies needed for their success.

Having a loan in the form of a credit line for inventory management needs to provide world funds as a guide to ensure you have sufficient working capital to buy in large quantities, prepare for the peak season or take advantage by setting a high price on demand.

Are inventory loans suitable for my business?

Are inventory loans suitable for my business?

Inventory loans are designed primarily for businesses in the retail sector or that manage physical products. You can rely on this type of small business loan to get the additional stock needed to prepare for a season where demand is high because you know you will be able to pay off your loan quickly as a variety of products sell fast.

Inventory loans are right for your business if you need to always have a lot more inventory in the warehouse, or have to expand storage facilities. For large wholesale retailers, they may be able to fulfill warehouse orders for the next few months without much cash in hand, but they will not have additional inventory to fulfill future orders if they do not take extra cash injections.

How can I get an inventory loan for my business?

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If you have a good sales record but have limited capital, it will be very difficult to get a credit approval from a traditional lender. Online lenders like us can offer solutions for small businesses to overcome this cash flow problem.

We offers a digital credit application that can be accessed instantly with a ceiling of up to Rp. 250,000,000. The submission process is very easy. You can withdraw funds from digital credit as often as you want and only need to pay fees according to the amount taken.

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