Starting your own business most often involves the need to get the right resources for everything you need at the start. Equipping the workstation with appropriate machines and devices, purchasing materials, goods, advertising are just some of the costs that appear at the beginning. In order to pay them, we can decide on a loan for start-up companies. However, will it be possible to obtain with a negative credit history in NickLoan databases?

NickLoan is the most popular office that collects and provides information on persons lending money. Contrary to popular belief, NickLoan has anyone who has ever taken a loan or loan. On the basis of information contained in NickLoan databases, a scoring is created, which is an assessment of the client’s creditworthiness expressed in points.

Scoring is a very helpful tool in quick assessment of the client’s application – it is used by banks, Credit Unions and, more recently, by loan companies that operate as non-banking. Thanks to the information in the NickLoan database, the preparation of a loan or credit decision is faster, so it can be passed on to the client even on the same day.


Negative history at NickLoan – what does it mean?

Negative history at BIK - what does it mean?

Due to the fact that all the clients of banks, credit unions and loan companies who have taken a loan or credit are in the Credit Information Bureau, the scoring can be both positive and negative. A positive credit history, generally speaking, arises when the customer regularly repays his obligations. In turn, the negative happens when we are late in repaying the obligation. This is a signal for other entities using NickLoan databases, that we are not a fully trusted customer.

If we have a negative history in NickLoan databases, we will not get a bank loan or loan. These institutions most often refuse to transfer funds to which they have full right, because then they minimize their potential losses when it turns out that the client will not give back the money. This does not mean, however, that loans for companies to start without NickLoan are not completely impossible. For this purpose, we will have to go to loan companies.


Loans for companies to start without NickLoan – where will we get them?

Loans for companies to start without BIK - where will we get them?

Such loans for companies are offered primarily by non-bank companies focused on business clients. They are available both stationary and via the Internet. In order to get such a loan, we do not usually have to provide any company documents – registration, banking or accounting. Also, no US and ZUS certificates are required. In addition, we do not have to provide any collateral or guarantees for lower sums.

Remember, however, that loans for companies to start without NickLoan are not cheap. We will pay for them no more than for loans granted by loan companies checking clients in databases.

At Makasiguro For Business, we offer loans with the customer checking in databases – this way we minimize the risk for both ourselves and the borrower, who can take advantage of the offer on favorable terms and without high costs. 

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