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8 Ways to Get Money Fast

In times of economic crisis, there are not many Brazilians interested in knowing how to get money fast. If this is your case, check out our tips and find out 8 ways to increase your monthly income quickly:

Sell things you no longer use

Sell things you no longer use

Virtually everyone has things that they no longer use at home: old toys, clothes, shoes, CDs, DVDs, gym equipment … What is no longer useful for you, can serve someone else and, . Advertise on internet classifieds, organize a bazaar along with friends or look for specialty stores to sell things that you no longer use.

Sell Crafts

Sell Crafts

If you are in the group that has skill to create craft pieces use this gift to your advantage and earn extra money. Porcelain paintings, mosaics, mandalas and cushions and fuxico are among the choices of items you can make and sell. It is possible to offer your parts to specialized stores or sell online, in a blog or sites such as Etsy, which has several options for manual work.

Sell Your Hair

Sell Your Hair

The natural hair market offers a golden opportunity to make money without much effort. Anyone who has beautiful, well-treated hair without chemistry and wires larger than 25 centimeters may consider cutting and selling the hair for specialized companies.

Resell products

Resell products

Acting as a reseller of products is another effective way to increase your budget. The practice basically consists of buying items and then selling them for a higher price. It is possible to become a reseller of beauty products, such as makeup and perfumes; clothes and shoes; books; and even domains on the internet.

Fill in surveys online

Fill in surveys online

Many companies offer online surveys to find out what their customers think about their products and services and, better yet, pay a premium for it. Look for type questionnaires and raise extra money without even leaving home. Just have access to a computer and internet.

Make money with recycling

Make money with recycling

Instead of throwing away cans and used bottles take the items for recycling. Many companies exchange the packages for a sum of money. Look for a recycling station in your city. In addition to helping the environment, you still improve your bank account situation.

Do small daily jobs

Do small daily jobs

Do you have free time and want to know how to get money? Then consider doing small daily jobs. An effective way to enter this market is to seek specialized agencies in this type of activity. It is possible to work as a promoter at fairs, at work and even as an assistant in soap operas and series.

Being a street performer

Being a street performer

Do you dance, sing, play an instrument, recite poetry, or have the gift of interpretation? Take your art to the public by becoming a street performer. Make quality performances at a busy spot in your city and get paid with tips that, depending on your presentation, can be quite heavy.

Who, how much and what does he borrow money for in Poland?

Kto, ile i na co pożycza pieniądze w Polsce?

When we need additional money, we borrow it not only from banks, but also from non-banking loan companies, as well as from each other. Most money is loaned by young people who live in big cities. What is the sum of the average loan in Poland and for what purpose is it earmarked?

Currently, the availability of loans and credits is very easy. We can apply for money even without leaving home or the company, because we can do it completely on the internet. This means that we are happy to borrow money and spend it on targets – not just consumption.

Where to borrow and repay the loan Poles?

According to information provided by the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), Poles in 2016 took out loans and consumer loans in the amount of PLN 78.5 billion. Therefore, this means that statistically every second inhabitant of Poland has a loan or loan. Many of us also have several different loan and credit products – as many as 768 thousand customers have a loan for a flat, a consumer loan, a credit card and an additional debit limit on their bank account.

According to the report “European Consumer Payments Report 2016, more than half of us, ie 52%, see nothing wrong with taking loans and consumer loans . The survey also indicated that 39% of the respondents take loans at banks. More, because as much as 47% borrow money from the family.

Another report prepared by the Gandalf institution indicates that at the same time many of us have problems with paying off their liabilities. The research of this business information office showed that as many as 2 million 322 thousand Poles did not pay their commitments in 2016 on time.

Who is the average Polish borrower and borrower?

Both Poles and Poles decide to borrow similar sums. They differ, however, their motivation and the types of borrowings and loans to cover expenses. Below we present detailed information about women and men who borrow money in Poland.

According to BIK data, almost half of women in Poland are in the 35-44 age group. Poland chooses loans and credits mainly to meet the needs of the family – they spend money on repairs, gifts, holiday trips, purchase of home appliances, as well as covering current expenses. They most often decide on cash loans, credit cards, renewable loans. Poland is also reliable clients of banks and loan companies as opposed to Poles.

When it comes to Poles in turn, they have mainly mortgage loans for building a house or buying a flat. Also, men are happy to lend money to buy a car or RTV equipment. In addition, men are more likely to use quick loans to cover current expenses. Consolidation loans that allow the collection of debts into one installment are also popular in this group. In most cases, men who borrow money are around 30 years old.

How to Take Out a Personal Loan Right Away Without Delay!

How can you take out a personal loan?

How can you take out a personal loan?

Taking out a personal or payroll loan is relatively easy in most lenders who are willing to grant cash credit. There are many lenders to choose from, starting with the more traditional ones they are:

  1. Private, financial and credit cooperatives
  2. Correspondent banking websites, fintechs and multi-bank platforms
  3. Alternative peer-to-peer lenders and collective funding with crowdfunding
  4. Private lenders as loan sharks and loan companies

In addition to these options, there are online lending sites that facilitate the evaluation and approval of personal loans of various types and categories, as well as strictly online financial institutions that operate in the same way as traditional banks that are dominating the scene.

In most cases, taking out a personal loan takes only a few minutes to fill out the form and a few more to borrow the money in medium and long term installments. Many lenders, but not all, will ask for documents that prove their income, bank account and other monthly assets allow the applicant to repay their loan without any difficulties.

Although there are many lenders, not everyone is able to offer a personal loan with adequate terms, for various reasons interest and terms are locked in amounts that do not satisfy by raising the cost of the operation to insane levels. So, your goal is to focus on lenders who facilitate rather than on those who are speculating. Example:

Make a personal loan online without collateral and have to wait up to five days to get their hands on the money.

If you want to know if you qualify for any type of personal loan from any partner lender, click the “I want to receive news” button, fill out a small application with few questions for free.

What does it take to get approval for a personal loan?

What does it take to get approval for a personal loan?

Nowadays to get the approval of a personal loan, the factor having good credit and clean credit report is no longer the master key to getting borrowed money. Having good credit and clean name gives more chances to get better terms for negotiation and lower rates.

For those who are negative for example and do not qualify as a beneficiary of the INSS, it is public servant or military, will usually find a little more resistance to qualify in certain categories of financing money and property. When there is no guarantee, the creditor assumes a greater risk and the banks have much difficulty in composing these negotiations because of credibility.

Some lenders will approve a candidate only based on their credibility, while others want proof of income and other simple factors that have helped them understand whether it is worth for them to lend or not.

In this scenario, restrained people can borrow personal loans without consulting the SPC and Serasa without problems, but they should expect to pay much higher interest rates.

How many days does it take to release a personal loan?

How many days does it take to release a personal loan?

After approval takes place, which may take a few minutes or days, this depends on the type of loan requested, the intermediary and the creditor bank, and of course, the data and information provided by the applicant when submitting the form.

If you sign up for a financial institution in person, especially one with which you have a checking account or other financial history, they can transfer the funds to your account at the time or the same day that your loan is approved. The interest rate and value of the portion of the loan varies considerably on a case-by-case basis.

If you go online through personal loan online, there are many credit companies that carry out the transaction in minutes, all 100% online and without any paperwork sending – paperless loan – the money is transferred to the account on the same day depending on the time of the request, no later than the next business day.

How to take out a personal loan over the Internet?

How to take out a personal loan over the Internet?

Absolutely true, many of the best lending companies, interest rates and terms to borrow money are now available at financial institutions that only have online presence, that is, work 100% focused on the internet.

To take out a personal loan, you first need to get pre-approval, at least some of the biggest online lenders in operation, before deciding who to borrow, they do a systematic evaluation of tens or hundreds of data to compose what deadlines and fees will be applied in a given – use up Artificial Intelligence and Big Dates.

To make this easier for you, many online presence companies have loan comparison tools for free for the user to view multiple quotes from multiple lenders with a single application or online access.

When making an online loan, preliminary approval will usually require a credit check and completion of a form. To proceed with the loan application process, wait for the return by the application itself or computer screen, email or phone.

Oddly enough, there are still lenders who need to mail additional documents, proof of income, identification and proof of residence, if you are in a hurry to take out the loan, forget it!

Can a personal loan be used for anything?

Can a personal loan be used for anything?

We have already mentioned this briefly, however, the money released by personal loans in general can be used for any personal purpose or commercial use. It is worth mentioning that some types of loan are released only for predetermined purpose and every approval process is based on that first.

The pros and cons of a personal loan, very enlightening content.

One of the most common uses for hiring a loan is debt consolidation. This allows the borrower to unify all payments in only, it also serves to reduce the higher interest rate or completely settle a debt.

Other reasons to make a personal loan are to pay medical bills, make small improvements and renovations in the house, finance vacations, pay the financing or loan for plastic surgery or a wedding party, etc., etc.

What are the common rates when taking out a personal loan?

What are the common rates when taking out a personal loan?

Personal loans often come loaded with fees that raise the cost of credit. The two most common rates are interest and federal tax (IOF), which are percentages applied on the principal amount borrowed.

There are also fees that act as penalties: penalties for delay, arrears and charges, which are charged to the contractor if the loan is not repaid on the due date.

When making the comparison to take out a personal loan, look beyond the interest rate and make sure you understand how your credit report is and how much you might end up paying the most if you choose an unsuitable lender.

How Bank Loans Work – Low Interest

According to the Consumer Indebtedness and Indebtedness Survey (Peic), the total number of Brazilians in debt in January 2019 was 60.1%, and 22.9% were defaulters, that is, overdue accounts. Much of the responsibility for this scenario is the abusive interest rates practiced in the country, mainly by the big banks. This is one of the reasons why the Brazilian has to resort to loans. However, a significant portion lives on the informal market and does not have credit in the square.

Faced with this scenario, Financial Technologiess have become increasingly popular, offering good resources to the population. This is the case of Bankor, as you will know in this article. Here, we’ll show you how the loans work at Bankor. Check out!

What are Financial Technologiess?

What are fintechs?

Financial Technologiess are innovative companies that have appeared in the market with the proposal of uncomplicated access of the population to banking services, without bureaucracies and abusive rates like those practiced by the big banks.

The word Financial Technologies comes from English, and is the junction of financial and technology. As the name says, the great differential to achieving its goal is to use technology to offer financial services. They have offered digital accounts, with services that can be performed by the computer, smartphones or ATMs, and most have no physical agency.

The Bankor

The Bankor

Bankor’s proposal is to offer opportunities to the 50 million Brazilians who do not have a checking account. This slice of the population is responsible for handling approximately R $ 660 billion per year, but often can not prove income, since, in general, they are part of the informal market, and for this reason, often do not have a current account.

Thinking of this scenario, Bankor appears with the proposal to promote the financial and social inclusion of this public. Bankor is 100% digital, and proposes to offer banking services to Brazilians in a positive way with fair rates and services. They are committed, for example, to offering a credit that fits in the customer’s pocket and without charging an interest, so that the trader does not harm himself and ends up being denied.

Personal Loan at Bankor

Personal Loan at Bankor

Like all Bankor services, the personal loan is done digitally and debureaucratized. The amounts granted vary from R $ 500.00 to R $ 1500.00 and can be split from 6 to 18 times. From the website itself, it is possible to request a simulation according to the profile of each client. The more the client is up to date, the higher their score will be, and the better their loan repayment terms will be.

A loan of $ 1,000.00, for example, can be paid in 6x 214.13; 9x R $ 155.44; 12x R $ 126.64; 15x R $ 109.81 or 18x R $ 98.95. The granting of the loan is subject to analysis by registration, however, it is not necessary to prove income or already have a checking account. To do the simulation is necessary to make a quick register where they must be filled name, mobile, email and a password.

What to do with up to $ 1500.00?

What to do with up to $ 1500.00?

A loan from $ 500 to $ 1500 may even seem like a low value to some, but it may be the next step to start a business for those people who do not have any credit.

Anyone who intends to start a small business to generate income, can make the investment that is needed with this loan amount. Whether it is to invest in the material to prepare and sell something from the food business, to invest in a smartphone that is the source of communication with its clients or even in a card machine, the loan installments can be paid with the income from the invested business.

The amount can also be used to pay off some debt and avoid restricting the name or even making a trip.

Whatever the purpose of using the money, remember to plan and ensure that the installments fit into the budget.

Financial planning

Financial planning

Whatever the reason for the loan, it is crucial to do a financial planning: calculate the expenses of the month and see if the loan portion fits in the budget. Even if the goal is to invest in a business, it is important to consider the chance of failure. Experts recommend that the loan installment does not commit more than 30% of the monthly income.

Make your simulation

Make your simulation

As you have seen, it is possible to borrow from Bankor easily through the internet. Make your simulation online and plan to make sure the parcels fit in your pocket. Financial planning will help you prevent delinquency. With the money in hand, make good use!

Loan to Retire: Check Out the Best Options – Low Interest

After some time of use, it is common that the property needs to undergo renovations. Sometimes the need to tinker with construction is due to the demand for enlargement, or it may also be to finish a work that has been incomplete. Whatever the reason for your retirement, there are several loan options in the market to fund it. For some options, follow the reading of this article.

How much do you need?

How much do you need?

Before availing the loan, it is worth making an assessment of the amount you will need. So you do not waste money on unnecessary interest, or you do not run the risk of asking for less than you need and you end up failing to complete the reform.

Everything depends on what you want to reform: is it one environment or the whole house? The value of the work, in the end, can vary greatly.

For lower values, a personal loan can solve the problem. Personal loans are usually of lower values, around up to R $ 3,000, and with installments of up to 5 years.

For larger reforms, the value can be equal to the price of a property, demanding greater financial investment, which will require other types of financing, with higher values ​​and a longer installment period.

Of course, it’s best to avoid getting into debt. Therefore, use the loan only if there is no other option. Also, ensure that the value of the installments fits into your budget. It is recommended that the amount of the debt be no more than 30% of the monthly income.

Find out now some loan options to reform.

Letter of credit SBPE – Cash

Letter of credit SBPE - Cash

Apobank Econômica Federal offers, as a financing option to those who need to renovate or build, the SBPE (Brazilian Savings and Loan System) letter of credit.

For this type of loan, there is no need for proof of income, and installments can be debited from your checking account or payroll. There are no impediments also in case the proponent owns other real estate or financing in his name.

The financing can be paid in up to 35 years, and the amount borrowed can be up to 70% the value of the residential property or 50% of the commercial property. Apobank’s website allows the client to make a simulation online, so that you can compare with other offers and know the amount you will pay.

Banksco Loan

Banksco’s option for reforms is the CDC loan. In it, it is possible to finance up to 70% of the value of the reform, and the installment can be made up to 48 times. The minimum installment is R $ 20.00 and the first installment can be paid in up to 62 days.

Banksco allows the IOF (financial transaction tax) to be included in the financing. With this product, it is also possible to finance the installation of a water reuse system.

With this product, it is also possible to finance the installation of a water reuse system .

Maer Loan

Maer Loan

Maer offers the Construshop for those who want to reform . To contract this product , you must be an accountant of Maer and pass through credit approval. After hired , the customer receives a card that can be used in almost 150,000 stores nationwide , within 180 days of hiring.

The term for payment of Construshop is up to 54 months. The interest rates vary from 3 to 6.01% per month, and are computed only on the amount used.

The Construshop can be hired through d Maer website at ATM or bank branch.

Credit for retirement in Banksil

Credit for retirement in Banksil

Another option for those who want to retire is offered by Banksil. The Brazilian bank accountant can go to the store and use his Ourocard card to activate his loan.

In accredited establishments , the amount to be used can be up to R $ 50 thousand, and the first installment can be paid in up to 54 installments.

In other establishments, the amount released may be up to R $ 10,000, depending on the credit approval. In this case, the installment can be done up to 48 times.

Stores credit lines

Stores credit lines

Some building materials stores offer their own line of credit, tied to financial institutions. Some examples are Leroy Merlin, Telhanorte and C & C.

Leroy Merlin offers the Celebre card, with option of installment in up to 10 times without interest or in up to 24 fixed installments.

TelhaNorte offers card with installments in 10 times without interest or in up to 24 fixed installments, with 45 days to pay the first installment.

C & C offers CredCompras, with option of installment up to 12 times without interest.

Loan to renovate

Loan to renovate

To choose the best loan option to retire, check out the best interest rates and the best priced shops.

Advertising on commissions in some cases implies a closer link with the bank.


Escaparate de una entidad bancaria

An annual average of 200 euros is what a customer pays to his bank in the simplest commissions: account administration and maintenance. But any financial transaction carries a cost: transfer, issuing checks, ATMs, possession of cards, contracting products …

The fall in the concession of consumer credit has reduced the margins of Spanish banks, which are carrying out practices with their clients that are often abusive. A revealing fact of why the entities establish commissions: the six largest entities (Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank, Bankia, Sabadell and Popular) entered in the first half of 2013 almost 4,000 million commissions , double their attributable profits in Spain.

Consumers, however, have put themselves on the warpath. A survey published last week by (financial comparator) reveals that 59% of consumers would be willing to change banks for costs.


But know more about commissions and, above all, how you can avoid them. Here you have seven clues to become a customer with advantages and with some savings.

59% of Spaniards would be willing to change banks for commissions

What are bank fees really?
It is what the bank charges in compensation for its services. They can be charged together, in the case of a flat rate, or separately, for each service. The application will be a decision of the financial institution.

Is there a Legal maximum?
No, according to the Bank of Spain “the fees or prices of bank fees are free.” Entities can put the amounts they want except in a few bank transactions that are limited by law, such as the cancellation or early amortization of a mortgage loan at the same rate. variable or of certain credits to the consumption “.

What type of commissions exist?
The most common are those that apply to the administration of the account, which usually has an annual payment. It also implies costs for the use of cards, the making of transfers, the deposit of checks, the withdrawal of cash in foreign ATMs and the uncovered position, when our balance stays in the red. Do not forget that the granting of mortgage loans, personal and consumer loans, sight deposits, savings and term and endorsements are usually accompanied by an extra premium for the client. There are entities that charge for correspondence.

Cuadros de comisiones de bancos How can I avoid having my operations cost?
Currently there is a battle between entities to attract customers. That is why the agreement between the two parties, client and entity, works on numerous occasions. That is, if you have a payroll address, we can avoid expenses such as maintenance and administration. You can also be exempt if it is a VIP client, with significant economic presence. Do not admit correspondence, the same information can be obtained online.

And, above all, always read the fine print of the contracts. Never accept commissions that have not been previously warned or changes in them if there was no prior notice. On the other hand, if you were forced to open an account to have the mortgage or pay interest on a deposit, you would also be exempt from maintenance and administration costs, according to the Bank of Spain.

Is the advertising ‘Commissions 0’ real?
Yes and no. That is, in some cases the exemption of costs implies a closer connection with the bank, such as contracting insurance, direct debiting of expenses or acceptance of a credit card. In others it is real. In the table attached to the information is detailed the entities that at this moment do not charge commissions for maintenance, nor administration and transfers. Credit cards are free and do not require direct debit or pension. There are other offers, interesting too, but with a certain connection. In the websites of each entity, the cost policy is detailed. Search, compare and choose the one that suits you best.

Can the money already collected be recovered?
The first step is to make a claim to the customer service of the bank itself or via e-mail. And when it is proven that your claim has been denied, that it has been dismissed or that two months have elapsed without a resolution, an application may be made to the Bank of Spain.

Yes you can recover the money if it is proven that the application of the commission was abusive.

The big ones offer the best in their websites

Capturing customers online has become a priority for most banks.

Logo Banco Santander Zero commissions in certain services if the client accepts the plan We want to be your bank . Requires the contracting of two products. You can benefit from discounts on purchases.

BBVA Adiós commissions program . To enjoy cost savings in certain services, you must have your salary or pension with a minimum income contribution.

Banco Popular , of the Popular Group, offers the enjoyment of a current account without commissions when domiciling monthly income, such as payroll. Returns 2% of the receipts.

Bankinter Payroll account for new clients. Until March 31st. Minimum salary, 1,000 euros. It offers an annual nominal interest rate of 4.94% for the first year and 1.99% for the second year.

Bankia Which one fits? Under this claim gives the option to save costs in their services. Having at least 1,000 shares of the entity is one of the requirements, although there are others.

Banco Sabadell Expansion Account. Free cards and no commissions. Returns 3% of receipts and 2% of fuels. Accurate salary, pension or monthly income of more than 700 euros.

LaCaixa Cibertarjeta . When you register online you enjoy zero commissions in certain financial services and the Cibertarjeta is granted for online purchases without an annual fee.

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  • Banks

The consumer almost does not pay attention to these policies that are then forgotten

The consumer almost does not pay attention to these policies that are then forgotten

In 2006, of about 27 million life insurance that could be charged, around 10% were not paid because they were not claimed, explained the vice president of the Association of Users of Banks, Savings and Insurance, Adicae, Fernando Herrero .

“There are many life insurance that are granted along with credit cards or with different financial products (deposits, stocks, mortgages, etc.), therefore the consumer does not pay attention to these policies that are then forgotten. “, affirmed Herrero.

In cases where the insurance is not claimed, the financial institutions do not pay the money to the beneficiary, even though the monthly premiums have been charged in advance. This procedure is legal, since the bank or insurer only had the duty to inform when the contract was signed.

Registration of policies

To solve this situation, from today anyone can know instantly if you are a beneficiary of life insurance. Thus, after 15 days from the death of a family there is the possibility of going to check the Registry (after payment of 3.3 euros) if the deceased had contracted some life insurance.

The Registry of Death Coverage Insurance Contracts has already accounted for more than 50 million policies with data that have been provided by 201 insurance companies, according to sources from the Ministry of Justice. The registry will be very useful, according to Justice, the employers of UNESPA insurers and consumer associations like Adicae.

Right to know

For this initiative to be effective, “citizens must know both their existence and the procedures,” said the Vice President of Adicae, Fernando Herrero.

The Ministry of Justice has already developed an information campaign through the Internet, posters and triptychs with the motto. Your right is to know what is yours.

But in Adicae they ask for more publicity and that they rely on user organizations, “which are those that are close to the consumer”.

They also request improvements for the registry: “that the data can be consulted at any time of the user’s life and not only when the death occurs,” said Herrero.

25,000 economic solutions

Every year, death insurance resolves 25,000 situations committed to Spanish families after the death of a family beneficiary of this coverage, according to data from the Social Report of the Spanish Insurance 2006. This report also extracts data such as that 66% of the Spanish households have life insurance and that the largest number of insured is between 25 and 34 years old and their policies are linked, to a large extent, to the need to protect the mortgage payment in case of death.

5 questions to …

Pilar Blanco- Morales, Director of Records

1 Why does the need arise to create a policy record?

Many people were unaware that their deceased relative had taken out life insurance and was not paid.

2 How will the list be updated?

Banks and insurers have to register all policies. We have had the collaboration of these entities, so no system of sanctions has been put in place for those who do not record the new insurance.

3 What are the procedures to make the request?

The form 790 can request it from tomorrow (for today), after 15 days from the death of the insured, any person that attaches the literal certificate of death and pays the fee of 3.3 euros in a bank or cashier.

4Where should you go?

The documents must be delivered – personally or by mail – in the General Register of Last Will Acts (Jacinto Benavente Square, 3 Madrid) or in the 22 Territorial Management Offices of the Ministry of Justice. The delivery of the certificate will be done on the spot if requested in person, and in seven days if requested by mail.

5 Are there expiration times?

The data of this record will be kept for 5 years from the date of death of the insured, so that the certificate can not be requested once this period has expired.

More information here .